This Sales Agency Increases YOUR Profits by Selling to Mail Order Catalogs & Multi-Channel Merchants FOR YOU
Proven expert has the knowledge and contacts that save you time, money, and possible failure...
CEO & Founder, Robert F. Heltman, created Leading Edge Products & Services, Inc. in 1987.

MISSION: Represents inventors and product developers who have their new products through the patent, trademark, and copyright steps (as needed), and are into early, quality proven, production. Sells on an exclusive basis, under a MANA based contract.

Successful positioning of products in a variety of fields: gardening, safety, industrial, crafts and hobbies, sewing, pet, veterinary, health, service, apparel, gift, and others covering consumer and business to business/industrial catalogs.

Bob Heltman, author, has published in magazines including: Creative Computing, National Gardening, The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Bird Watcher's Digest, Carolina Gardening, Agency Sales, Inventor's Digest, Journal of the American Association of Woodturners, More Woodturning, Woodturning Design, and others. His ad copy ideas appear in many catalogs.  e-Book author.

He is the inventor of the Ultimate Hiking Staff and other products, and understands the whole process from idea, to product design, to legal protection, to manufacturing at competitive cost, to marketing and selling, to invoicing and collections.

Graduate Oberlin College, pilot and training officer USAF, 28 years in small and large corporate environs, in engineering, manufacturing, marketing, management, and executive training and staffing positions.

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If you are still in the stages of thinking about a product and are NOT YET IN PRODUCTION, please go to and subscribe. This excellent periodical will give you sound advice and names of patent attorneys, companies that might manufacture your product, and so on. Your local public library is another fine resource. Leading Edge Products & Services, Inc. ONLY deals with products that are “ready to go.”

To find out more about manufacturers' agents, go to . There you can place ads and learn the benefits of working with Agents, the value to catalogs in purchasing through Agents, about legal counsel, etc. Subscribe to their Agency Sales magazine.


Contact me at the following address with this information:

  1. Name/description of your product* (pictures help)
  2. What patent, trademark, copyright protection you now have*
  3. Any sales literature you have already developed
  4. Cost (your selling price out your back door)
  5. Terms, like FOB factory, net 30, etc.
  6. Details on where/when the product has been sold so far
  7. Any testimonials, lab tests and the like
  8. Any market surveys or studies you have done
  9. Any questions you have
  10. Information about you and your company
NOTE: I will want to examine a sample of the product too. Contact me for UPS address if needed.
* Start with a Confidentiality Agreement FIRST if you are not protected, before talking to ANYBODY!
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Contact Information:

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Office phone:(828) 692-9333
FAX: (828) 698-0007

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 545, Hendersonville, NC 28793-0545

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